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Frenchman's Bar

Our second collaboration with Julie Godbolt turned out to be the perfect ending to a wonderful summer. Julie had a project she was a part of called "The Traveling Dress" and when it was her turn to do an artistic shoot with a beautiful champagne flowing skirt she asked if we could be a part of it. In the "golden hour" right before sunset, we started on a trail and slowly made our way to the water. By the end Julie asked if we could go in the water for a couple shots and with the weather being so hot we jumped right in! Dancing in the water until the sun was completely set. We also met a cat! To hear more of our summer tale visit Julie's blog on her website. 

Dancers: Amara Malcom, Josh Murry-Hawkins

Photographer: Julie Godbolt

Locations: Frenchman's Bar Regional Park Vancouver, WA

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